Stress among working women

The purpose of this study was to assess the relationships between occupational stress and family difficulties in working women. A survey was conducted among the women IT professionals with the help of a questionnaire. Learning relaxation and meditation techniques Assertiveness training.

Often a person may see things with anger within, but maintain a cool exterior, clearly indicating that emotions are not always observable. Because of difficult situation cased by occupational stress, there are many mothers that would like nothing more than to give up work and spend their time raising their family as best they can.

However the physiological effects of stress can be clearly pinpointed, observed, and measured. Anxiety, stress and coping: However, with more and more women entering the workforce and pursuing careers, these clearly defined gender roles were forced to change Sevim, Reasons for increased stress There are a number of factors causing these increases in stress levels, including: Similarly, Abdullah et al.

Abstract Our study explores the influence of age and experience on stress and depression and the relationship between stress and depression among women information technology IT professionals in Chennai, India.

It is the cause, rather than the effect, of several physical, mental, and emotional problems. The literature on stress recommends that working women are lying on to the same face stressors practiced by working men. Latha and colleagues 5 carried out a study in which a group of 78 individuals aged 11—65 years who had attempted suicide, 58 depressive individuals aged 16 to 51 years, and 60 normal individuals control aged 18 to 53 years were asked to fill in a measure of stressful life events.

Occupational stress defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirement of the job do not match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker AL-Hussami, Women are also less likely to be in as powerful positions as men to change their environment.

Women are socialized to be the caretakers of others. The study pointed out that mandatory overtime is especially hazardous with respect to its affect on worker fatigue, stress and impaired performance always. Sociologists describe women as struggling to achieve the "male standard" at work, while trying to maintain the perfect wife and mother standards at home.

Convenience sampling was the best sampling method available to this study. Female managers in male-dominated fields sometimes found the strain intolerable, and their stress levels were also rising because families were more reliant on their income, she added. The study has been restricted to Jaipur city only, due to accessibility, time and other related factors.

Normal feelings fall along a continuum from mild to intense, and the same is true of depression. Rapid changes in traditional values, life styles of women, competitiveness, career ambitiousness and industrialization are the major factors that have changed the whole environment.

Tripathi Pand Bhattacharjee S.

A study on stress and depression experienced by women IT professionals in Chennai, India

A supportive, energetic and positive culture should also be established within the institution to support. They may hesitate to speak up for themselves or to challenge behavior that they see as unfair. Women find it harder to say no to others' requests and often feel guilty if they can't please everyone.

The anxiety may be expressed in the form of extreme tension and anxiety and the development of physical symptoms such as headache or cramps, also called occupational neurosis Mosby, Inc.stress and work life balance among indian working women with respect to i.t and banking industry.

I am Tasnim S. Vohra, doing MBA at S. K Patel Institute of Management studies. As a part of my curriculum, I am doing a project on Stress and Work Life Balance among Indian working women with respect to I.T and Banking industry. Working women compose an increasingly large proportion of the U.S.

work force. They also face high risk from job-related stress, musculoskeletal injuries, violence, and other hazards of the modern workplace, new reports by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conclude.

between stress level and type of family revealed significant association among working women and Non-significant association among nonworking women.

The association between stress level and education level revealed Non- -significant association. H1- There is a significant difference in the stress levels of working women and housewives.

H2- There is a significant relationship between age and stress levels of housewives and working women.

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H3- There is a significant relationship between education and stress levels of housewives and working women. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 4, Issue 9, September 1 ISSN Research Reviews on Stress among working women in IT.

Sociologists describe women as struggling to achieve the "male standard" at work, while trying to maintain the perfect wife and mother standards at home. Women are also less likely to be in as powerful positions as men to change their environment.

Stress among working women
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