Should mankind invest in the exploration

Why should mankind NOT invest in space exploration?

Well then sell your computer. There are many things in our world that have not discovered yet; do cures to AIDS and cancer ring a bell? Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

When space technology has advanced far enough, we will be able to leave this planet in large numbers and live among the stars. We should spend money on the coton bags and jute bags.

Space Exploration is a waste of resources. What is there that we absolutely have to know about the sea floor? Visiting an asteroid will provide valuable mission experience and prepare us for the next steps—possibly for the first humans to step on Mars. The same would apply to…well, the list is just too long and life is too short.

As previous space endeavors have demonstrated, the resulting ingenuity and technologies will have long lasting benefits and applications. In truth he has a good point, however I still tend to take the opposite view. The thousands of starving people cannot survive without food so why spend money on products which we do not need.

Though these inventions may be useful, we can survive without them. This is actually your analogy? Why do we have to send some christian missionaries over to dig them a well? These questions drive so many people that calling space travel a 'waste of money' seems to be an insult to so many people's lives and careers!

The window of an exploratory sub cracked and the crew nearly died before they had to immediately go back up. Secondly I'm assuming the "1 million dollars to fix it up" means government spending on education, healthcare, policing not to mention military which is considerably more than scientific space exploration if you live in the US.

Satellites orbiting the Earth allow us to communicate instantaneously with people on different continents, and to broadcast to people all over the world. Surely it is better to use all this money to improve our lives on Earth. And NASA has succeeded. Why do we have to send some christian missionaries over to dig them a well?

The millions of dollars of government funding that goes to space exploration could instead be used to save the humans who are already dying in our world.

Space exploration gave impetus to projects that have been useful, as well as providing valuable scientific knowledge. And so what if failed mars missions stretch back for forty years. The human race is changing, and expanding. Space exploration gave impetus to projects that have been useful, as well as providing valuable scientific knowledge.

So your suggesting that governments spend doubly-doubly-doubly-triply-quadruply the amount they spend on those areas on space travel.

Should mankind invest in the exploration of space?

If we stopped warring with eachohter and wasting precious minerals that we have on this Earth -on- war, we would have a lot more resources to spend on more important things such as daily life, and hey, space exploration wouldnt mind some more attention either.

The debris also poses a hazard to astronauts exploring space.

Should mankind invest in the exploration of space?

It could prove to be our last hope of survival. S buses are are getting blasted due to the default in the engeenering. The needs of humanity should always come first. Mankind must always struggle to expand its horizons.

Overall, space exploration has provided us with new knowledge and as a result of this, many new and intriguing inventions have been made.

If we fail to continue to develop the ability to take advantage of these possibilities, we may in the future find it is too late.

Money could be allocated for education. There are far more valuable scientific endeavours to fund, such as the exploration of our own planet.Should space exploration be continued?

Do you think that space exploration should be continued? Some people think that we should continue exploring the space, and others think that we should stop exploring the people have their own reasons for it or against it.

Either way, space exploration has both its advantages and disadvantages. May 26,  · Best Answer: 1. Space exploration is costly. We should focus on helping the people and issues on this Earth, before going elsewhere.

Space exploration will use a lot of time, energy, and money. The United States doesn't have that kind of cash to be used in this area of study. 2.

Why We Explore

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Background and context The space programmes of both the USA and the USSR became perhaps the most important prestige projects of the Cold War. Originally Answered: Should mankind invest in space exploration? SPACE EXPLORATION A WASTE OF MONEY?

“ People usually don't understand economics and say, that the money spent on Space Exploration would somehow be used to “feed the poor” or some other cause. Sep 30,  · Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system.

Space Exploration Is a Waste of Money

Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration we expand technology, create new industries, and help to. Yes, mankind should invest in the exploration of space because at some point in time, our earth will have become too polluted to be able to continue living on it.

As we continue to pollute our water and hide toxic waste by burying it or pumping it far underground, we are setting the stage for a time when these pollutants and chemicals will.

Should mankind invest in the exploration
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