Legalizing pot essay help

From an industrial standpoint, hemp provides many advantages over a great deal of current resources that America utilizes. The drug that I am talking about is marijuana, and surprisingly it is all around us. A number of drugs such as Alcohol and tobacco are legal despite the fact that their use of more dangerous as compared to the use of Marijuana.

After nicotine and heroine comes cocaine, and then alcohol. Many individuals who started out smoking marijuana went on to harder drugs like cocaine because they were chasing a better and stronger high. Below that is caffeine, and at the very bottom of the chart is marijuana; less addictive than your can of Dr.

In the near future America will legalize marijuana use for its people and America will be put right back on their high horse pun intended once again. By legalizing marijuana it would not change that fact and people that want to go to that next step and use much more serious drugs can but it will still be illegal so nothing has really changed.

Legalizing pot essay help

Regulation of the drug will bring money into the state and ultimately the nation. Some places are very strict when it comes to enforcing that law while others are very lenient. Introduction to Medical Use. The legalizing pot essay help common use for hemp is in the production of textile based products.

People supported making the drug illegal because if the Latin-American people were caught consuming it, they would be deported back to their country of origin.

But all of these assumptions are made based off opinion on the drug and its bad image people get from it. People that live in neighboring states could simply hop the border and smoke marijuana and it would be completely legal.

On November 7, Amendment 64 was passed making it legal for the people of Washington and Colorado to smoke marijuana for recreational use. Also, people against the legalization of marijuana quickly attack the topic of medical use of marijuana and instead state it is unhealthy for the body.

This would keep more space in prisons for real crimes and prisoners and going back to the economy, it would save the taxpayers money. All of these points are related with each other and directly impact the United States in a positive way. People that never gave marijuana legalization a thought or were heavily against it are now starting to believe legalization would prove helpful for the United States of America.

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Argumentative Essay: Legalization Of Marijuana

Never in my life have I heard of a problem caused by marijuana and that is because it has never happened. Many states would like to legalize marijuana usage because, like cigarettes and alcohol, they can receive a lot of tax revenue from the sale of the marijuana.

The government can regulate the drug in the states by taxing the drug and distributing it for consumption. Many individuals believe that marijuana should not be placed in the same category like heroin, cocaine, and crack.

Essay on Why Cannabis Should be Legalized

The history provides evidence that the drug remain in use as medicine for many years in a number of countries all over the world. Some places are very strict when it comes to enforcing that law while others are very lenient. Marijuana is currently okay to use for medical reasons on a state government level, but is still illegal to use on a federal government level.

The Chinese writings that date back from the B. Trebach, So, in the light of this argument people have the right to decide that whether they should make a use of Marijuana or not.

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The reason why the pro supporters bring up the economic relief topic is because it is true. Marijuana is also not as addictive as most media outlets would lead you to believe. Legalizing marijuana is also believed to reduce the crime rate in America and free up resources.Argumentative essay: Legalization of marijuana Argumentative essay: Legalization of marijuana Introduction Cannabis sativa is a drug that is most commonly known by people with the name of Marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana has been considered as one of the controversial issue that is prevailing all over the globe. Secondly, the. Legalizing marijuana essay depicts the pros and cons of this issue. If you need to write a high quality paper, use our legalizing marijuana essay and get an A+ grade.

Legalizing Marijuana The issue of legalizing marijuana, also known as Cannabis Sativa, has been controversial for a long time, and has become even more so in recent years. Cannabis Sativa is a plant that has been used for a variety of purposes by many cultures for thousands of years.

Dec 13,  · Argumentative Essay On Marijuana Legalization. People that support the cause feel that legalizing marijuana would help bring America out of its economic struggle.

Legalizing pot Essay

The government can regulate the drug in the states by taxing the drug and distributing it for consumption. Jun 09,  · Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today.

Although many slanderous claims have been made about cannabis in recent history, the truths are slowly starting to agronumericus.coms: 2. Aug 13,  · Marijuana should be legal because prohibition doesn't help the country in any way, plus, it causes a lot of problems. There is no scientific evidence that suggests prohibition decreases drug use, but there are several theories that suggest prohibition might actually increase drug use.

Legalizing pot essay help
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