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You should spend at least one paragraph at least 3 sentences describing what the selected work looks like. Any other reproduction or publication is prohibited unless permission in secured. I feel that this image is a lot stronger, despite the Art assignment 2 obvious Rhythm of the rivets and vents leading us to the headlamp.

Overall Comments This is a competent and balanced second assignment, emphasising your good interpretative skills Progress since the previous assignment: Each image below can be viewed in full size by clicking on it. Make the drawing large enough that it touches all the edges of the page.

Assignment 2 Ishar Gate Assignment Wk3 Art Essay

I also like d the mix of completely flat colour against areas where de Sala has deliberately left strong brush marks in the background. Most of the papercut artists are women.

Catherine Abel is a current artists who paints in a cubist style and is also influenced by art-deco design.

What to consider when making a vertical form? Fire the best 2. An area to explore: In this image, the badge looses some of its dominance compared to the sketch, but due to its colour, still remains the most dominant point within the frame.

India becomes part of Kiplings mental landscape which he gives creative expression in many of his works. Cambridge University Press Looking ahead to Assignment 3: Wealth seems to disdain the hand of Labour, and her own self-conscious dignity contrasts with the glowing face of Pleasure.

A feature article spotlighting the work of an important modern artist will be published each month in an effort to educate the citizens of Nicholas County about their work. None may be saved until you are able to achieve a 6 inch cylinder from 2.

But in the novel it also becomes clear that this game of changing identities is not just a game…. Pollok House, Glasgow Your assignment was good in addressing the objectives of this task complimented by your imagesand presented a structured narrative.

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Biography Section must include the following information: The bright colors of red, green or light blue papercuts provide a strong foil to set off a merry atmosphere. I struggle with this and find myself lapsing back into facts and figures but hopefully I can work on this with practice.

Titian took immense trouble with the figure of Diana, first painting her realistically from the side, and only at the end deciding on the anatomically impossible pose that shows the breast in profile as well as nearly the whole of the back.

I always start talking about background because that term is the most familiar to them. Two points No matter how hard I tried, I could not achieve the idea detailed in the sketch of this image.

Your section comparing Rembrandt and Poussin in terms of landscape and atmosphere, use of light, depiction of figures, and poses, was very good and you might find the following useful too: Pay attention to size relationship.

I also liked the use of one directional brush strokes which add to the simplicity of the work. Ideally, I wanted to leave room in front of the car, but I had to opt for a close crop to again remove distractions. These papers will be stapled together along with the daily grading rubric to track your progress.

And Mother Earth was as faithful as the Sahiba. Note also that Europa is decked in pearls fitting for the heiress of an equally Phoenician or Dutch maritime empire.


Students are encouraged to develop their work to produce more detailed written submissions where appropriate. It was good to see you recording gallery visits.

The headlamp on the right is out of focus enough to prevent distraction, and the darker tone on the right brings balance to the badge on the left. You are showing a more consistent appreciation of images and producing a more detailed study of visual material.Assignment #4 · Class Quiz on Greek Temple Elevation of BOTH the Doric and Ionic Styles · Thursday, March 29 (see Janson's or Greek Art Slide Presentation) Doric and Ionic Temple Elevations.

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Transcript of Art appreciation assignment. Art Appreciation Conclusion Understanding of the artwork Solid connections to K-6 syllabus Teach Visual Art skill Springboard to an integrated unit of work ' No Longer a Mirage ' Nyree Reynolds ''.

More Essay Examples on Art Rubric. The art and architecture of Mesopotamia were created by the varied people who occupied the land between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris beginning about BC to around BC - Assignment 2 Ishar Gate Assignment Wk3 Art Essay introduction.

The earliest civilization in Mesopotamia came to creation by the Sumerians.

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The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Green. Art 2 – Transactive Writing Portfolio Assignment What: We will be in the computer lab this week working on completing the required transactive writing portfolio assignment.

You will need to choose an artist from the list below and create a feature article about that artist and their work. In creating your feature article, some research will be required. BA Assignment-Sol- due by Midnight (pm) Monday, Sept 15th, (Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4): Total 75 points True/False (One point each) Chapter An example of a quantitative variable is the telephone number of an individual.

Art assignment 2
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