Accounting standards board paper

Accounting Standards Board Paper

The question was primarily based on the General Services Administration GSA briefing to the Board on its intragovernmental leasing activities at the April meeting. Classified as an asset; amortized using the straight-line method over the life of the lease.

January Lease Questionnaire PDF AugustBoard Meeting At its August meeting, the FASAB approved a plan to review existing lease accounting standards and to consider whether changes are needed to address the needs of the federal community and will include more comprehensive standards on federal leasing activities than the existing standards.

The Board discussed and agreed to proposed definitions of leases and of intragovernmental lease arrangements. Others have noted the need to coordinate intra-governmental balances now that is, payables and receivables and treatment of improvements means a process should already be in place What is the approximate value of real property lease commitments as opposed to the value of personal property lease commitments?

Seek friends Accounting standards board paper can manage to incorporate work and play into their lives. Preliminary Views - on 19 March with a public comment period open until 17 July [9] Issuance of joint Exposure Drafts on 17 August with a public comment period open until 15 December [9] Issuance of a second joint Exposure Draft on 16 Maywith a public comment period open until 13 September [10] Issuance of International Financial Reporting Standard 16 IFRS 16Accounting standards board paper, on 13 January [11] Issuance of ASCas Accounting Standards Updateon 25 February [1] The Effective Date of the new standard - date at which time all companies must follow the new lease accounting standard when preparing financial statements β€”is fiscal years beginning after December 15, These standards are needed so every company is doing their financial statements the same way, without standards each company could have their own accounting rules, this would be hard for new employees or other users of financial statements because they would Other Popular Essays.

Convergence of accounting standards

February Lease Update PDF January 17, Lease Questionnaire The lease accounting project plan presented to the Board in August noted that staff would develop a questionnaire to be used to gather data from federal entities on their leasing activities and practices.

One additional criterion for finance lease classification is that "The underlying asset is of such a specialized nature that it is expected to have no alternative use to the lessor at the end of the lease term.

For example, in senior partners at PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC called for convergence to be "shelved indefinitely" in a draft paper, calling for the IASB to focus instead on improving its own set of standards.

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Their similarities include both operating as a component of the FAF. Staff will continue to work with the task force to further develop the lease standards, including the intragovernmental lease standards.

Up to this point, social insurance programs have not been treated as creating liabilities except for amounts due and payable. During the consideration of a new standard for social insurance programs, time and time again the Principals have threatened to veto a recommended standard that recognizes liabilities for social insurance programs before the amounts become due and payable.

If the life of the leasehold improvement extends past the life of the initial term of the lease and into an option period, normally that option period must be considered part of the life of the lease. The Board agreed that upfront lease costs for lessors would be expensed. The first three definitions β€” lease, intragovernmental and intragovernmental lease agreement β€” were discussed and tentatively agreed to by the Board at previous meetings.

How to calculate the lease rate: As noted above, the vote to recognize actuarial liabilities was Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis: GASB received 37 comment letters on their lease PV and held three public hearings and Accounting standards board paper to issue its exposure draft in February and a final standard in early If the rents change during the lease term, the difference between the cash rent and average rent is added to or subtracted from the asset as well.

Does this pose any special accounting challenges now? I agree with all of his comments. The IASC was established in only eight countries initially and it was not until the last ten years that a few countries decided to use the standards created by the IASC.

Question 5 related to the inclusion of explanatory guidance to assist in determining if an arrangement is a lease that is currently included in the FASB ED. The discussion centered on the eight questions staff posed to the Board.

Include the following in your paper: To the asset is added any initial direct costs and subtracted any lease incentives such as a tenant improvement allowance. Accounting for Federal Oil and Gas Resources. Pricing how are prices established Leasehold improvements advance funded or spread over the lease term Cancellation or termination clauses with or without penalty The option to avoid termination penalties if another federal agency assumes the lease Other services included with the lease maintenance, annual improvement allowances How do these terms affect classification by the lessee agency?

A task force will be formed to assist in consideration of issues and options. There are two types of security deposits: The distinction between sales-type and direct financing leases has changed: The Board highlighted the following as it relates to the lease project: Staff will continue to work with the task force to further develop the lease standards and will continue to follow the progress of the GASB lease discussions.

It took several evenings to get the job done. Staff presented revisions to the previously proposed recognition and disclosure lessee and lessor guidance for intragovernmental lease arrangements. Such amounts could be reported on the balance sheet with credit balances but it would not be acceptable to use the "L word".

Staff recommended that the scope of FASAB lease standards exclude three of the above four bulleted topics, with the exception being internal use software and other intangible assets that will be further researched.

Staff also presented proposed recognition and disclosure lessee guidance for intragovernmental lease arrangements. In fact, the real-world examples are often more helpful than the theory that is taught in books. To distinguish the two, the Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB provided criteria for when a lease should be capitalized, and if any one of the criteria for capitalization is met, the lease is treated as a capital lease and recorded on the financial statements.ICAI - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India set up by an act of parliament.

ICAI is established under the Chartered Accountants Act, (Act No. XXXVIII of ). This paper addresses the adoption and applicability of International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to India.

Accounting Standards Boards Paper IASB or the International Accounting Standards Board and the FASB or Financial Accounting Standards Board is both related to accounting.

Though the IASB and FASB have come together in most of their functions, they are still different in many aspects. A Joint Venture: International Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Accounting Standards Board ACC Accounting Theory & Research Chelsey Mills. The FASAB Digest is not sponsored by the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB).

The obligatory advertisements: Take a break from ponderous accounting standards, visit For a different perspective on federal employment, visit Accounting Standards Boards Paper In recent years there has been significant changes made in our understanding of the relationship between the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Accounting standards board paper
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